THASSOS – A hidden gem of the Greek Islands

12 Zodiac sculptures made of marbel.

“The emerald of the Aegean”, “The green diamond”, “The floating forest” or “The Island of the Sirens” is only a few names given to Thassos by its visitors that describe this enchanting island.

Thassos Island has it all! It offers beach relaxation and mountain charm in equal measure. It is a home of more than 70 amazing beaches, beautiful forests and small picturesque mountain and fishing villages, embraced by crystal clear turquoise waters.

Essentially circular in shape, Thassos is one of few islands where the road is following the coast, making forays into the interior wherever branch roads make this possible.

Driving around the island you can practically stop whenever and wherever you feel like it and just dive into the water or relax on one of the amazing beaches this island has to offer.

You will probably run out of energy and time before Thasos runs out of beaches.


You can choose from well-organized beaches with white and golden sand; isolated and wild ones, hidden in small bays, to enjoy your privacy; lively beaches to party; few corners for naturism lovers or fine sandy beaches with shallow waters, embraced by pine trees, to enjoy natural shade with your family.  All in all, it’s not possible not to find a beach of your preference.

The nature has blessed Thassos with more than just beaches and the sea.

Laid with dense pine forest and endless olive groves, often going from the highest top Ypsario and all the way down to the beaches and sea, this island is hiding many secret beauties. Thassos is one of the few Greek islands that have its own mineral springs for drinking water.

The climate is near perfect. The summers are dry but never too hot. You can always feel a cool, coastal breeze to keep you feeling comfortable in the sunshine.

Perched on the slopes of the mountains and tucked among the pine trees, you will find authentic Thassian villages with spectacular panoramic views to the Aegean Sea. Here you can wander the narrow paved streets and admire traditional stone-made houses with grey-tiled roofs. You can treat yourself with exquisite local delicacies and wine in small traditional Greek taverns, in the shadow of old and mighty plane trees, and let the images, flavors, thassian hospitality and the sounds of tradition and nature overwhelm you.

As many as its colors, Thassos offers a wealth of other activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

If you crave culture and history, the island is full of folk traditions, historical sites, and ancient monuments. You can admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations by visiting folk and archaeological museums or just to take a walk in Limenas or Alyki, the biggest archaeological sites on the island.


For all of you wishing a little bit more adventure, you can get the most of your vacation from nature excursions to watersports, boat and sailing trips, from trekking to horseback riding, and much more.  

Furthermore, Thassos is an island with soul and the personality of its own.

Although is located very near the mainland and, lately, is getting firmly established on the package holiday map, this island has preserved all its charm and authenticity.

This is why, so many people, return to Thassos year by year, by percentage, more than any other Greek island.

Every time you choose to visit Thassos will be a unique, completely different experience for you, and a place you will start to call home.

Because, once you start to explore it and live it, you are hooked!

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