Beach safari
They say that God was very generous when he gave the nature to Thassos. With our unique Beach Safari Tour you will discover a part of this beauty and island's secret gems, amazing hidden beaches and enjoy breathtaking views as you drive around, explore the landscape and laze in the sun. Many of the areas you will explore are only accessible by Jeep, getting you to parts of the island you could otherwise only imagine. Do not miss to swim in one of the most beautiful, natural and God’s gift, swimming pool in the rock, relax in the shadow of pines and platans surrounding the majestic Paradise Beach and visit unique white Marble Beach.
We will pick you up from your hotel or any other place convenient to you and start our adventure following the idyllic scenery of the east coast. The first highlight of the day is Giola, beautiful natural lagoon like a swimming pool carved into the rocks. The water in Giola is warmer than the sea, which makes it pleasant for swimming, while the hights make it perfect for cliff diving. Color of the water is crystal clear and transparent, light or dark green and is particularly beautiful because of the contrast with the dark blue sea water, in less than a meter from the pool. According to one legend, Zeus created the pool for Aphrodite, his mistress, to swim in it and therefore is called “Aphrodite’s tear”. According to another legend, the pool is called “Eye of Zeus” because he used this lagoon to oversee his mistress.   After 45 minutes spent in Giola, we continue to majestic Paradise beach, where you will spend 1 hour. Paradise beach is considered the best beach of the island! Its name alone explains why this gorgeous beach, the gem of Thassos, took this name. Surrounded by verdant mountain and pine tree forest, blessed with white sand and azure shallow waters, it resembles a tropical paradise. Steady trade winds and beautiful, clear water makes this beach a windsurfing hotspot of Thassos. Opposite to the beach of Paradise, a small private islet, Koinyriotiko, emerges from the sea. This islet, another paradise of the area, has low vegetation, oleasters and rocky beaches. The islet is frequented by dolphins, which are most of the times visible from Paradise Beach. Our next stop will be in tavern Agorastos. This break you can use to enjoy cold drink or fresh fish and seafood and, at the same time, “feed your eyes and soul” with magnificent view over Kinira bay and Kinira island. Well fortified you will head further north to the third highlight of this safari and well hidden gem of Thassos Island, Marble Beach. Located in a tiny secluded bay and surrounded by pine forest, offers stunning views of the clear blue sky and the bright blue sea. Marble Beach (Saliara Beach) gets its name from the beautiful white pebbles that cover the ground of this stunningly beautiful beach. As you look down from a distance, it has the appearance of snow marble, giving a striking contrast against the light blue and emerald waters. After 1 hour in this paradise we will follow the west coast and conclude this eventful day with an “around the island” tour before we drive you back to your hotel.   WHAT'S INCLUDED
  • Hotels pick up and drop off.
  • Multi-language group guide-drivers.
  • Liability Insurance.
OTHER INFORMATION Hotel pick up and drop off – The time of hotel pick up depends of the location of your hotel. The exact time of pick up will be determined upon reservation. Trip starting time: 10:00 Trip ending time: 17:00 Discounts for children:  Children 2-12 years old pay 75% of full price. Don’t forget your comfortable shoes (trekking shoes or sandals), camera, sun protection, etc. Price range: €25 - €40

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