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Enjoy the incredible natural adventures

For those who are not acquainted with this special place on earth, Thassos is the northernmost island in the Aegean region and is just off the coastline of the Greek mainland. Thassos is a place of inspiring beauty and one of the few Greek islands to be so green!  Endless pine forests and olive groves stretching from the top of the mountains and down to the sands of the pristine beaches, kissed by calm turquoise and crystal waters, give Thassos the name of "The Emerald Island of the Aegean".

Of all Greek islands, Thassos is a true authentic. It truly retains all the Greek culture and tradition that has generally been lost on most Greek islands. In Thassos you will not find international elements like karaoke bars and all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants but you will have a pleasure to enjoy exquisite delicacies and exceptional homemade dishes with local products and fresh seafood.

There’s lot’s to do here, whether you are a family with children, a history buff, an adventure seeker looking for new thrills, someone looking for walker’s paradise, or perhaps searching for a unique, far, flung experience with a most relaxed and unspoiled character.

Remote tiny bays with azure waters, magnificent and spotlessly clean sandy beaches, amazing flora and fauna, picturesque villages, thousands of years of history and its remains, hidden waterfalls and caves, hiking trails cross the countryside and mountainous villages and gorges, wonderful views, incredible people and intriguing mixture of modern and the traditional and so much more, awaits you to discover!

Even if you try hard to be bored while visiting Thassos, we are sure you won’t succeed!

The best way to discover the uniqueness of the island is by selecting or creating tours that bring you closer to the magic of Thassos.

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